Top 5 Irish Food Trucks in San Diego

irish food truck

If you are looking to take a break from your hectic life and enjoy some good food, you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of great food trucks in San Diego. In fact, you could easily spend your entire trip just cruising around different restaurants and trying different dishes. You will be surprised by all the amazing things you can find. From tasty lobster to burgers and more, you will never get bored.

Diddly Dee

One of the many food trucks that call New York City home has been serving up its fair share of Irish cuisine. Owners Mike O’Donovan and Diana Dodog are no strangers to the culinary renaissance. After years working in the hotel business in Ireland, the couple returned to their native county.

The award winner is a bespoke mobile food and drink establishment in Yonkers, NY that serves up the best of the best in the wee hours of the morning. The aptly named Chipper Truck has been serving up the good stuff since 2004, and has a loyal following. In the spirit of the aforementioned food and drink gurus, a select few will be treated to a bespoke cocktail on the roof of the truck.

Caitlin Ruth’s

Caitlin Ruth, an award winning Irish chef, is taking her award winning food truck a few steps further. As a matter of fact, Caitlin is now the guest chef at Camus Farm Field Kitchen, an Irish themed restaurant in the West Cork countryside. Her food is not only a must try but it is also the talk of the town.

In addition to her restaurant, Caitlin has a food truck to cater to the growing appetite of her loyal following. The best part about her food truck is that she uses local produce. She has a knack for combining flavours in unusual ways, such as using a potato gnocchi as a base for her sambo.

Julia’s Lobster Truck

Julia’s Lobster Truck has become a hot spot on the west coast of Ireland. It is usually found near the Burren, Co Clare. The food truck pops up at festivals throughout the year.

Julia’s Lobster Truck serves fresh seafood from the west of Ireland. You can enjoy a lobster roll or a scampi with chips. They also serve mussels in a coconut spiced broth. Or try a half BBQ lobster with beef dripping chips.

In addition to serving seafood, the truck also offers a variety of other dishes. For those on a vegan diet, the truck also sells vegetable dumplings, raw salmon poke bowls and veggie dumplings. And the burgers are made with 38 day aged local shorthorn beef.

Salty Buoy

The Salty Buoy is a seafood focused food truck in Dublin. Owned by Niall Sabongi, it specialises in fresh fried fish, chargrilled prawns, and lobster rolls. It also features a wide variety of oysters and crab.

The Salty Buoy will be visiting Greystones in the coming days. The truck will be based at Baste BBQ on Wednesdays from 5pm to 8pm. On Saturdays, it will be at Avon Ri in Blessington from 12pm to 5pm. They are looking for local staff in both locations.

The truck will be serving a number of specials including a crab and cheese toastie. There are also spicy poke bowls and creamy chowder.

Unbeetable Food

If you’re looking for a tasty brew and a tasty bite from a mobile gourmet, this is the spot for you. Located in Tramore, Waterford, this truck owes its popularity to the town’s proximity to a number of top notch restaurants and a thriving business park, and has a menu akin to the likes of a taqueria and an upscale diner. The food is a tasty mixture of Irish and American classics, spruced up with a touch of local flair.

Having been around for a little less than a year, Unbeetable has surpassed its predecessors to become one of the hottest culinary trucks around. A big part of its success is that the menu is kept up to date with a rotating selection of daily specials.


There are a plethora of mobile food trucks to choose from. Some are more adept at what they do than others, however. As a result, the quality of food on offer varies. Fortunately, there are some rules of the road for food truck operators. These regulations ensure that all is well in the kitchen. For example, a food truck must operate at a licensed location, with proper hygiene standards in place. The regulations are in place to protect consumers, employees, and the environment. Likewise, the most efficient trucks will be rewarded accordingly. A well-run operation should be able to churn out a tasty meal without breaking a sweat.