The Irish Health Blessing

irish health blessing

Irish blessings are a longstanding tradition and are often used at wedding ceremonies or other special events. They are a great way to share your feelings and wishes with those close to you.

There are many different types of Irish health blessings and they can be adapted to suit any occasion. Some of them even have a religious component that refers to God or saints.


The irish health blessing is a way of invoking spiritual hope. Often accompanied by a written verse and prayer, it’s an expression of faith in the healing power of God.

The public healthcare system in Ireland is funded by general taxation, with free maternity care and children’s services available to all residents. Most other services are paid for by individuals.

Those who receive social welfare, are on low incomes or have serious/long term illnesses may be granted a medical card which entitles them to a wide range of free health services. The majority of people do not have a medical card and are liable for charges when they go to hospital or to see a GP.

In some cases, public healthcare is unaffordable, and private healthcare insurance has become increasingly popular in Ireland. Many policies cover treatment at private hospitals and clinics, shortening waiting times and allowing you to receive the most high-tech diagnostic procedures.


Irish blessings are a great way to share the joy of life with others. They are often used to celebrate special occasions, such as weddings or birthdays, or for marking the start or end of another life’s journey.

Many Irish blessings have a religious component. They are a means of invoking God, or a saint, for help and guidance.

They also represent a commitment to pursue spiritual hope, even in the face of hardships or trials. This is especially true in the ancient Celtic times, where they were a folk and druidic tradition.

In Ireland, a public healthcare system is available for 30% of the population, with free services and medical care. Those who do not qualify for free healthcare can purchase private insurance to subsidize costs. This is a popular option and nearly 40% of the population purchases private health insurance, one of the highest percentages in Europe.


Happiness is a mental state that comes from being positive and content with life. People who are happy are often also happy with their health, wealth and relationships.

Irish blessings are a great way to wish others luck and happiness in their lives. They are used at weddings, family gatherings and other special occasions.

May you have a world of wishes at your command, Lucky stars above you, Sunshine on your way, Many friends to love you, Joy in work and play- Laughter to outweigh each care, In your heart a song, And gladness waiting everywhere All your whole life long.

The philosophical literature on happiness is divided into two parts, one using ‘happiness’ as a value term, synonymous with well-being, welfare or flourishing; the other as a psychological term referring to a feeling of satisfaction. This divide helps to explain some of the tensions in policy debates on happiness.


An Irish health blessing is a beautiful way to share a positive message. You can use it for a range of occasions including Saint Patrick’s Day, wedding ceremonies, anniversaries or birthdays.

It is a great way to bring your message to life and make a lasting impression on the people you are speaking to. You can also use these Irish blessings as a way to encourage others to follow their own dreams and goals.

The tradition of an Irish blessing goes back to pre-Christian times when it was a folk and druidic tradition. Celtic poets and bards would offer these blessings to people as they traveled throughout Ireland. They were rooted in nature and the environment, and many of them have been re-interpreted for the Christian era.