Low Carb Irish Food

irish food low carb

If you love Irish food but don’t want to go the whole hog on eating it low carb, there are a few ways to enjoy some of the traditional dishes without having to give up your low carb lifestyle.

Traditionally, traditional Irish foods are meat and dairy heavy, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t tasty or healthy. Many of these meals can be made vegan or vegetarian!

Corned Beef and Cabbage

If you’re looking for a hearty and delicious traditional irish food, you’ve come to the right place! Corned beef and cabbage is a great, simple, and easy meal that you can make in the comfort of your own kitchen.

If you want to take your corned beef and cabbage to the next level, consider making this low carb version. It’s the perfect way to enjoy your favorite Irish dish without any guilt!

To start, core and coarsely chop a head of cabbage into 1-2 inch sections. Set aside.

Once the cabbage is ready, boil some potatoes in a separate pot of water. When they’re tender, toss them with the cooked cabbage and serve alongside your corned beef and carrots.

You can also cook your corned beef in the oven, which is my preferred method for this recipe. Just be sure to add your root vegetables about 15 minutes before the beef is done, so they can finish cooking along with the meat.

Cauliflower and Corned Beef

Corned beef and cabbage is an irish classic, but it can be made low carb, keto, gluten free and AIP compliant. The main ingredient is a brisket which has been marinated and cured in a salt solution, resulting in tender and juicy meat that can be eaten year round.

While you can eat corned beef in its raw state, you’ll find that it’s best cooked in a slow cooker, as the meat becomes much more tender and flavorful this way. The vegetables can be roasted on a baking sheet along with the corned beef to give them a nice flavor.

This recipe is a great option for those looking to eat less processed food, and you can make it in advance to keep in the fridge. Once you’re ready to serve, simply reheat it in the oven or microwave!

For an extra special dish, try combining the corned beef with cauliflower mash. Cauliflower is a great source of calcium and potassium and it will help the meat to break down and become more tender. You can also add a little cream to the cauliflower mash to give it a creamy texture.

Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie is a classic Irish comfort food that’s made with ground meat in a rich gravy and topped with creamy mashed potatoes. It’s a dish that can be made gluten-free by swapping out the flour with either cornstarch or xanthan gum as a thickener.

A low carb version of this savory dish has 7 times less carbohydrates than traditional shepherd’s pie. It’s also healthy, keto-friendly and pretty simple to make!

To make this dish gluten-free, replace the mixed vegetables with green beans and use xanthan gum instead of flour. You can also try making it dairy-free by using ghee instead of butter.

Whether you call it Shepherd’s Pie or Cottage Pie, this recipe is sure to warm your soul! It’s a wholesome meal your whole family will love. You can even make it ahead of time and freeze for a quick meal later on!

Peppermint Creme Brulee

Creme brulee is a French dessert that is rich and creamy and has a crispy layer of caramelized sugar on top. It’s a great treat to serve at parties and can be made in advance.

The base of creme brulee is custard, which contains heavy cream, egg yolks and vanilla extract. It’s then topped with a layer of granular sweetener and bruleed.

This low carb version of peppermint creme brulee has a smooth and creamy chocolate custard base with crushed candy canes as the creme brûlée topping. It’s an easy keto recipe that’s sure to impress!

The custard is baked in ramekins, then topped with a granular sweetener before being bruleed. It’s the best way to get that crunchy caramelized top without adding a lot of calories or fat!