Health Insurance in Ireland – Vigo Health Vs Irish Life Health

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With the recent announcement of the rebranding of Irish Life as Aviva Health, many may wonder how that change will affect the costs of health insurance in Ireland. The following article provides some insight into this matter. It looks at the new plan offerings, as well as the increase in the cost of plans.

VIGO Health

VIGO Health is a digital healthcare solution that combines digital support with cash benefits. It targets people who need everyday health services at an affordable price. In addition to GP and physio visits, it also includes an Online Doctor & Prescription Service, x-rays, and diagnostic scans.

VIGO Health is the brainchild of two former Irish Life executives, Ruth Bailey and Stephen Loughman. Both have worked in the health insurance industry for many years. Their aim is to provide affordable health coverage for under-35s who are without a private health policy.

This new service is set to launch in May 2021 and is focused on younger people who do not have access to health insurance. The platform offers customers a range of health supports and services including virtual GPs, a nutritionist, and a mental health therapist.

It is also the first service in Ireland to offer unlimited virtual nurse chat. Customers can communicate with a nurse via the company’s online or mobile app, or through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Rebranding as Aviva Health

In the health insurance market in Ireland, Irish Life Health is the latest brand to enter the scene. It plans to offer innovative health insurance plans and outstanding customer service to its four hundred thousand policyholders.

The Irish Life Group, which has been providing financial services for over 75 years, has announced plans to merge with GloHealth, a health insurer that specializes in innovative products and customer service. After the acquisition is complete, the combined company will become Ireland’s leading health insurance provider.

Aviva and GloHealth, together, had a twenty one percent share of the Irish health insurance market. That number has grown to twenty one and a half percent since the merger, with Irish Life acquiring a 49 percent share of GloHealth.

According to Hoover’s, Aviva is the largest general insurer in Ireland. Its parent company, Aviva Plc, operates in the UK and Ireland. It also sells long-term business insurance, as well as accident and savings products.

Increase in cost of plans

The announcement of an increase in the cost of Irish Life Health plans was the polar opposite of a surprise. As of yesterday, the new cost for one of their best rated plans will be in the neighborhood of EUR80 a year for a family of two. But that’s not all. They’ve also announced that they’ll be adding a “care connect” benefit to their First Cover plan, as well as amending the contributions to their Baby Swimming Classes benefit.

It’s no secret that insurance premiums have been on the rise for a few years now. And with more insurers entering the market, the competition has intensified. With more options on offer, consumers are having to dig deep to find the best plan.

Irish Life Health was the first to announce a major rate hike this year. For some customers, the increase will come in the form of a 6.6% price increase. That’s not a bad deal if you’re in the market for a health plan.

Partnership with Athletics Ireland

Irish Life Health has been a key driver in promoting athletics in Ireland and is a partner with Athletics Ireland. Through their sponsorship of the National Track and Field Championships and their support of the Fit4Life programme, they are helping people get active and stay healthy.

The relationship between Athletics Ireland and Irish Life Health began in 2014 and will continue until October 2022. In that time, over 1,800 participants have taken part in the MyLife Go the Distance challenge and tracked over 290000km. Their achievements were inspiring and it was a great way to unite local communities. Participants were able to receive prizes worth over EUR500.

Throughout the year, Athletics Ireland organises more participation initiatives, including Family Mile events. As well as promoting the benefits of exercise and fitness, they also aim to provide a variety of programmes for all ages and abilities. For example, they host the Irish Life Health National Intermediate, Masters and Juvenile B Championships in the National Indoor Arena.